1997 Mitchell Sabattis Print

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Richard Nadeau's seventh original work for the cover of the Central Adirondack Guide features Mitchell Sabattis (1824? –1906) who was an Abenaki Indian, skilled in native ways and language. He was born in Parishville, St. Lawrence County, NY, and died in Long Lake.
     Sabattis is described in Donaldson’s "A History of the Adirondacks" as “small, slight of stature, gentle, unassuming in manners, but when roused had strength and agility of the tiger.” He married Betsey Joinburgh, a woman of Dutch descent, and the couple had eight children who grew to adulthood; several died in infancy.
     His knowledge of woodcraft and hunting made him a popular Adirondack guide.
     He also is credited with raising $2,000 in 1865 to build the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Long Lake where he often spoke from the pulpit. Though never ordained, he was referred to as “Reverand Sabattis.”
     The settlement once known as Long Lake West is named Sabattis and a park in Long Lake also carries the Sabattis name in honor of Mitchell. ©2014 R.P. Nadeau. All rights reserved.

  • 8 x 10 in.

  • Lithographic Print

  • 1997

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