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Philip H. “Phil” Christy (1854-1947) was an Old Forge settler born in Canada, who migrated to the Moose River Settlement in the 1870s. He met Bridgett Rivett and married her in 1878. The couple moved to Old Forge in 1892 to establish their permanent home and built their house on Main Street in 1898.
     Philip became one of the Adirondacks' best-known guides. He worked in the region’s lumber camps with his Belgian Draft horses in the winter, but when spring arrived he would guide fishing “sports” who filled their creel’s with native Adirondack trout and led hunting parties deep into the virgin wilderness where deer and bear were plentiful.
     He was touted as one of the best marksmen among Adirondack Guides. Though small and wiry, he thought little of shouldering a guide boat overland to some hidden lake or packing a 200-pound deer through miles of rugged wilderness.
     A natural wit and a celebrated storyteller, he would entertain his audience at the local diner or Post Office with tales of the days when "a rifle was as common in a man’s hand as a knife and fork.”
     He was employed as a guide at the Adirondack League Club, and for many year’s he and Bridget operated a tourist house from their main street home, still occupied by a member of the fourth generation of the Christy family. ©2014 R.P. Nadeau. All rights reserved.
  • 8 x 10 in.

  • Lithographic Print

  • 2000

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